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Inkmixing and Vacuum Closing

tasman miniThe Tasman mini is a dedicated inkmixing device that fits perfectly in any inkroom. With a wide viscosity range, it can handle stiff offset inks and more liquid types of inks and paints.
The Tasman is a simple but robust machine that does the job.
Easy to handle for the operators, and designed in such a way that the maintenance costs are negligible.
The gyroscopic mixing head secures a solid mixing, and guarantees an homogeneous endresult.
Fits to the standard vacpac and inkpots in the industry.

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vacuumA vacuum closing unit has become an integral part of the colour matching departments.

The CAN CLOSING VACUM is a robust and simple solution to keep your inks fresh without skinning.
Also, the best preparation before the inks gets shaken in an automatic mixer.

No doors, no parts, just a robust tool that comes in handy in every printroom.

It works best in the continuous processing of (spot)colours, next to an inkdispenser and a mixing device unit.

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